Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Causes Bisexuality?

A recent study by Ron Fox of more than 900 bisexual individuals found that one out of every three had previously identified themselves as lesbian or gay. Bisexuality, like homosexuality and heterosexuality,may be either a transitional step in the process of sexual discovery or a stable, long-term identity.

The first cause could be the same issues that contribute to forming a homosexual orientation, such as neglectful same-sex parenting, peer rejection and sexual abuse.

Second, one may participate in bisexuality because they were introduced to that kind of behavior. Sometimes when parents don't provide any healthy guidelines or morals to follow, when there are opportunities for bisexuality, they may experiment with same sex with both genders.

Third, an individual may be drawn to bisexuality because they are narcissistic; they want both sexes to find them appealing.

Lastly, the value placed on one's sexual identity should not depend on its origin. Many people assume that bisexuality is just a phase people go through. In fact, any sexual orientation can be described as a phase.

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