Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In a nutshell
by ani713..

I a 22 year old female and have dated and slept with several guys. Last year I randomly went on craigslist and found a hot girl looking for another attractive girl. We decided to meet and instantly had a great connection. We have been dating for a year and a half and I am in love for the first time in my life. I don't think I'm 100% lesbian because I still find men attractive. But I have never been emotionally attached to guys. I'm not sure if its because I have trust issues with men or because I could have borderline personality disorder but it is what it is. My parents and some friends think its weird. But my true friends don't give a **** about who I date as long as I'm happy. Well.... I think happy.... I don't know what I want obviously.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Types of bisexuality

1. Alternating bisexuals: may have relation with a man and then after that relationship ends,may choose a female partner for a subsequent relationship, and may go back to a male partner.

2. Circumstantial bisexuals: primarily heterosexual, but will choose same sex partner only in situations where they have no access to other-sex-partner, such as when in jail, in the military, or in a gender-segregated school.

3. Conditional bisexuals: have primarily relationship with one gender only but have casual or secondary relationships with people of another gender at the same time.

4. Concurrent relationship bisexuals: either straight or gay/lesbian, but will switch to a relationship with another gender for financial or career gain or for a specific purpose, such as young straight males who become gay prostitutes or lesbians who get married to men in order to gain acceptance  from family members or to have children.

5. Emotionally bisexuals: have intimate emotional relationships with both men and women, but only have sexual relationship with one gender.

6. Integrated bisexuals: have more than one primary relationship at the same time, one with a man and one with a woman.

7. Exploitary bisexuals: either straight or gay/lesbian,  but have sex with another gender just to satisfy curiosity or "see what it's like".

8. Hedonistic bisexuals: primarily straight or gay/lesbian, but will sometimes have sex with another gender primarily for fun or purely sexual satisfaction.

9. Recreational bisexuals: primarily heterosexual but engage in gay or lesbian sex only when under the influence of drugs and/or or alcohol.

10. Isolated bisexuals: 100% straight or gay/lesbian now but has had at one or more sexual experience with another gender in the past.

11. Latent bisexuals: completely straight or gay lesbian in behavior but have strong desire for sex with another gender, but have never acted on it.

12. Motivational bisexuals: straight women who have sex with other women only because a male partner insists on it to titillate.

13. Transitional bisexuals: temporarily identify as bisexual while in the process of moving from being straight to being gay or lesbian, or going from being gay or lesbian to being heterosexual.    


Are bisexuals "fifty-fifty"?

Some may be attracted equally to both genders but many are attracted to people of one gender to a greater or lesser extent.

What is bisexual???

Bisexual is the potential to be physically,emotionally and/or sexually attracted to both men and women including trans-gender people.

A person may recognize as bisexual because of  they have the feelings for both genders but engage in sexual activity or have a relationship with people of only one gender or remain single.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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